What engineering /technological issues industry faces today?

The growth of the Indian diamantaires over the last four decades has been the results of very economical operations and the value- additions they created to the small size, rough otherwise elsewhere declared non-gem grades, where quality of cut was less critical. All this was possible because of a special combination of the demographic and social construct of the Indian society. But lately processing capabilities have been extended to larger stones as skills have improved.  For this reason, as we understand, diamantaires face following technological issues:

  • Indian diamantaires have moved from star and mille diamond processing to bigger diamond processing. Processing of rough diamonds bigger in sizes (2 to 20 carats) calls for a different strategy at the level of human resources and technology employed.
  • The economics and technical nitty-gritty involved with intricacies of processing bigger rough diamonds require use of sophisticated ‘Human resource’ and ‘technological intervention’ as processing of rough bigger in sizes require sophisticated ‘planning.’ The profit and success of the diamantaires depends on the ‘price realized’ for the processed diamond as per planning.
  • To prevent this failure of ‘planning’ process we need technical intervention and need to up-grade knowledge of individuals involved with planning and execution phase of rough diamond processing.
  • To keep our processing cost low to our historical level, which used to be very competitive globally, at one end we need to prevent disruption in planning process and at other end we need to develop and substitute expensive technology, which is imported at the moment.
  • We must take into account Chinese economic aspirations and emergence of diamantaires in China and other south east Asian countries.