“UDKC stands for UNIVERSAL DIAMOND KNOWLEDGE CENTER”, a state-of-the-art research and development lab which intends to research on diamonds, new processes of manufacturing and to setup new protocol just to avoid breaking up of roughs and finished diamonds during process, by in-depth study of diamond properties, characteristics and technical specifications which would help growth and development of gems & jewellery industry.

Surat has natural advantage as it has strategic location where most of the diamantaires located. MANTRA did a lot for growth of Surat synthetic textiles industry; UDKC can do the same for diamantaires. We see few local advantages in our choice of place: Availability of highly skilled professionals in hardware and software, optics, lasers, lower operating cost and growing Indian market. Professional and specialists can easily opt to live and work here because cost of living is low in Surat. The R&D lab can be set up here at a cost much lesser compared to other cities viz. Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc.

Our clear focus areas are:

  • Developing import substitute industry specific SMART technology which can nullify the loss incurred by industry in terms of breakage and wastage of the diamonds while processing it.

  • To create a common pool of resources available to all diamantaires, gemologists, artisans, technologists and engineers to work together and create reliable knowledge bank for the industry.

  • Develop cost effective tools and SMART technology which can increase quality of cut and polished diamonds and reliably reduces cost of production.

  • Developing SMART technology which can enhance productivity and integrate various functions within an organization.

  • Identifying areas of Indian industry where our SMART technology can help.